Sometimes called a substantive or developmental edit, this will address the complete work, from voice and character development, to pacing and plot arc. I almost always recommend doing a content edit first (which may involve moving around, cutting, or adding big pieces of the story), before turning to a copy or line edit (which will address language and smaller errors). I will read through the book carefully, making comments directly on the manuscript as I go, and I will do a second, briefer run-through at the end to check my work. I will send the marked-up manuscript back to you with a detailed letter outlining my thoughts and breaking down the edit into its main concerns (i.e. “Pacing in beginning,” “Making Sarah more likable,” “Voice inconsistencies”). Once you read and absorb the letter, the margin comments can serve as a guide through your revision, pointing out specific places to focus your gaze. This is the ideal choice if you have a complete draft that you would like to make submission or self-publishing ready.

Time: 2-3 weeks, depending on project length and complexity (please let me know if you are in a rush, and I will try to work with your schedule).

Rate: Approximately ¢2/word. (Rate may vary slightly in either direction depending on how advanced the manuscript is.) Once I have seen your manuscript and know its total word count, I will propose a flat project fee. This guarantees that there will be no surprises or hidden costs at any point; what you agree to up-front is what you’ll get.